Nightwatch encourages plans to raise high taxes on sugar

Nightwatch encourages plans to raise high taxes on sugar

The Netherlands have a new government, that instantly seems to shows it’s conscious side regarding health and food. The new coalition wants to discourage eating and drinking sugar with higher taxes. The parties are investigating how a sugar tax can be introduced 'in the long term', including higher tax on 'sugar-containing drinks'.


Great taste, no sugar

Nightwatch, the 100% Plant Based Energy Drink for Focus & Power encourages these developments. There’s simply no need for adding sugars that other energy drinks add. In the Amazon Nightwatch learned how to get great flavours and taste effects with different fruits, herbs and flowers. Doing so, Nightwatch keeps its sugar level below the standard of 5% with only 4,2 gram per 100ML. 


Sugar: bad for weight, teeth and energy

As a comparison: one of the ‘first generation energy drinks’ contains 12 cubes of sugar in a can! You can imagine what this does to you weight, let alone the bad effect on your teeth. But in addition, sugar gives a short feeling of energy, because of the dopamine that is released. This has a short effect, which will vanish when soon the sugar crash occurs, making you feel less fit. Which wasn’t the planned effect of your ‘energy drink’ was it?! So steer away of any sugartax and all the bad effects and stick to Nightwatch: the choice of a new conscious generation.

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