Nightwatch is totally at home @ Gym Royale

Nightwatch is totally at home @ Gym Royale

A special gym, born from a special restaurant. That's Gym Royale, not your average 1000-in-1 gym chain. In 2014, a group of friends named a derelict industrial estate in Amsterdam-North the place for a new night restaurant. Cannibale Royale turned out to be a bull's eye; it is already post-hip and a well-known spot for a snack, dance and drink until nightly hours. (Without the pandemic rules that is).


Born as a sports program for the staff

The hospitality industry is tough. To keep the working boys and girls fit, the owners offered sports lessons with friends of Cannibale: Marc Udo, Paul Lamoth and Raoul Hiwat. Experienced and professional trainers in Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who were already working around the corner. The word was spread and this place became hugely popular with a wider audience. 1+1 soon turned out to be 3 and the energy was bundled in a gym that became family member under the name Gym Royale.


Gym Royale: not your avarage gym

Gym Royale – also called Gymnastique Iconique, is characterized by its approachability, professionalism and extremely positive atmosphere. Staying fit with a nod to nightlife: it's a unique now iconic formula. Nightwatch is of course perfect for people who want to get the most out of life in a work-party-sport rhythm. That’s why 100% Plant Based Energy Drink for Focus & Power is widely available at Gym Royale and Cannibale. Because whether it's for work out, party energy or working late into the night: with Nightwatch, long lasting energy is guaranteed.

Come and visit Gym Royale yourself to taste the atmosphere and train at your own pace, independently or in one of the energetic group lessons.

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