Nightwatch, official sorority sponsor!

Nightwatch, official sorority sponsor!

Idéfix, sorority of the Amsterdam female students Association AVSV, which was founded in 1971, will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary. Nightwatch will power their 10 days of arranging and partying. 


Study hard, play hard

Imagine organization, whilst singing your lungs out, dancing nights away, not just drinking water and living far from a healthy diet. To keep bodies and minds powered and focused in this whirlwind of partying to the max, they need something extra. Luckily they can count on Nightwatch, the 100% Plant Based Energy Drink for Focus & Power.


Idéfix: they fix it on Nightwatch

Truly biological, real Extreme Energy and not so many calories? Nightwatch is The Choice Of A New Conscious Generation, and may count Idéfix amongst the fans. So Nightwatch is more than happy to sponsor their 10-day feast!

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