Nightwatch presents: the 360-printed tray!

Nightwatch presents: the 360-printed tray!

The new all-over-printed Nightwatch tray is here!

Very Nightwatch alike, our great looking 24 can trays now are very powerful from the inside too!  

We’re proud to present our fans the unique 360 degrees printed trays: focus and power for body and mind now also comes with a treat for the eye!


Unique design for a unique energy drink.

The new design of Nightwatch’ sustainable and recyclable package is quite something. Never before in our field, a cardboard tray was printed this colourful on the inside. Moreover the tray is very communicative too:


Right choice, greatness in a nutshell

Of course, form the outside, one cannot miss this is the one and only plant based energy drink for focus and power. More closely, the attention is drawn to the moments when extreme energy is indispensable. Then the Nightwatch story continues in the inside, where the buyers’ choice is reconfirmed in style.


Compliments to supermarket employees.

And even the bottom is used! Nightwatch uses this often neglected space for a shout out to the store employees, pointing out the respect that team Nightwatch has for their work. Yep, a package is so much more than a package!



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