Nightwatch: still the only 100% VEGAN energy drink!

Nightwatch: still the only 100% VEGAN energy drink!

Nightwatch is still the only 100% VEGAN extreme energy drink!


Not only, Nightwatch is the biological energy drink for extreme focus and power. We are also 100% vegan! For those who think this may be synonym to ‘no animals harmed’, read on. Vegan also means that no pesticides have been used to grow all ingredients. Read: you won’t allow rubbish to sneak into your body. Not surprisingly, famous athletes like Novak Djokovic and Lewis Hamilton swear by their vegan diet.


Vegan is here to stay!

Beside the healthy effect, the reducing of pesticides also results in bees not suffering any longer, nature conservation and sustainability. The massive impact caused by the Netflix documentary ‘Gamechangers’, wasn’t coincidental: supporters of a vegan lifestyle are increasing rapidly in numbers.


Better for you, better for the planet

That’s why Nightwatch isn’t just strict on the vegan ingredients, but also on our production philosophy. Unlike other energy drink brands, sugar free Nightwatch simply doesn’t need the polluting production of refined sugar or artificial caffeine. Your body wins, the planet wins, we all win!



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