Nightwatch supports plans for age limit energy drinks

Nightwatch supports plans for age limit energy drinks

More and more voices are callling for raising the age limit for purchasing energy drinks from 14 to 18 years. Food watchdog Foodwatch is committed to this and she is not alone in this. The organization spoke to the top ten large supermarkets, who all indicated that they appreciated such an increase in the age limit. Of course with legislation, so that every supermarket brand participates.


100% biological, 100% conscious

Nightwatch, the 100% plant-based energy drink for Focus & Power, itself grew up to be a bigger brand through the conscious use of ingredients. So it immediately supports these plans. Keeping a close eye on what you entrust to your body, is in its vision. Because a certain age is associated with this, Nightwatch therefore always focuses its advertising activity on target groups of older age.


Nightwatch isn't the standard energy drink anyway

We don’t belong to the category of artificial energy drinks , because Nightwatch is the only plant-based energy drink without artificial additives, showing a big difference with other energy drinks on the market. For example, the caffeine in Nightwatch is not artificial and comes from the guayusa plant. This does not provide a short boost, but gradual long-lasting energy. Which most people prefer!


No taurines. Why should we?

In addition, Nightwatch does not contain any taurines that are under discussion according to Foodwatch.




According to the watchdog, paediatric cardiologists see changes to the heart muscle with a high intake of taurine. So Nightwatch doesn't think of adding this substance. The natural caffeine in Nightwatch is sufficient to provide a very powerful energy drink to a conscious generation.


No added sugars

Moreover, Nightwatch does not add sugars that are responsible for short ups and deep downs, also known as the sugar crash. Nightwatch therefore has a lot in its DNA to be the choice of a conscious generation. And that is exactly why Nightwatch respects all rules of the game around conscious consumption.


Pure product, pure story

Nightwatch therefore leaves nothing to chance when it comes to an honest product. Our cans and bottles clearly state the quality ingredients and the amount of caffeine, so that the conscious generation can make their choice easily. It is the only and right  way to reach our goals: to get everyone over 18 on board as fans of a sustainably produced and natural energy drink.


Let's go for it!

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