Nightwatch takes the ultimate step in sustainability

Nightwatch takes the ultimate step in sustainability


From the very beginning, Nightwatch strongly believes that organic is the future in energy drinks. The most powerful ingredient is the guayusa plant, with its unique effect. Fans of the biological energy drink enjoy more endurance with extreme focus and power. The artificial substances or sugar that other alternative drinks contain, simply become superfluous.


Maximising sustainable cultivation of guayusa

We love where we come from and take good care of it. We have been working with Ecuadoran farmers since the beginning for sustainable harvesting at a fair price. Now we take our engagement even a step further. Nightwatch, in collaboration with Wageningen University, is opening a new research center in Oegstgeest.


Dutch knowledge to save Amazon jungle.

One of the topics central to this research is making the plant virus-free. By bringing these new insights and knowledge back to Ecuador, Nightwatch ensures that farmers can grow even more sustainably. With an improved harvest per m2 and more turnover per m2 for the farmers, we ensure that they earn more and need less land for growing guayusa. This is how we combat the destruction of the Amazon for agriculture. And make way for reforestation projects that Nightwatch supports.


To a sustainable future of focus and power!

In addition, releasing the virus from the plants contributes to a continuous flow of highly qualified guayusa. Good news for fans and fans to be: Nightwatch can meet the enormous demand for the new generation extreme energy drink at all times.


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