POIESZ chooses Nightwatch!

POIESZ chooses Nightwatch!

POIESZ also chooses Nightwatch!

Great news! POIESZ is a supermarket concept in the North. So it’s really great that POIESZ chooses for Nightwatch Extreme energy on its shelves. From week 23, the 100% plant based extreme energy drink for focus and power is also for sale in their branches.


What the consumer really wants

POIESZ listens to the consumer. We literally ask our customers the questions: What are you missing? What would you wish?” This way, POEIESZ does not sell everything, but mainly what the people in the North really want. That is why we are extra proud that Nightwatch is now also available at POIESZ.


Nightwatch makes the range more sustainable.

POIESZ considers sustainability of great importance “We know what is going on and what is going on. We take every wish, wallet and taste into account as best we can. As a family business, we are socially involved, and we like to think about the next generation.” With Nightwatch, POIESZ also answers the growing demand for sustainable organic products. In other words: Corporate Social Responsibility via the shelf!

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