The trend is: sustainable and Plant Based

The trend is: sustainable and Plant Based


Recycled clothing, vegan sneakers, less meat, less dairy. Consumers today are consciously looking for plant-based products. And research by Kieskompas even shows that about 70% of the Dutch voters believe that the government should take the lead in this.



When asked what kind of objectives the government should pursue, the Dutch population appears to have a higher ambition than the government itself. Where the government regularly refers to the guidelines from our Voedingscentrum (50% animal, 50% vegetable target) voters want on average almost 60% vegetable and 40% animal protein by 2025.


Setting a new standard

Meat and dairy probably won't disappear from our menu completely. But the climate crisis is high on the agenda. And with this research in mind we can state it with certainty: plant-based will become the standard. Major retailers are already fully following this trend. For example, IKEA introduced the plant ball in 2020. This new Swedish ball is made from pea protein, oats, potato, onion and apple. The ecological footprint is no less than 96 percent lower than that of the well-known Swedish meatballs.


100% Plant Based

So there is a real shift going on. Way more than before consumers pay attention to the labels before purchasing anything. What is the footprint? What is it made of? Is it vegan? Is it organic? As a food retailer, you use Nightwatch to cleverly respond to the demand for more sustainable food. Because Nightwatch, the Extreme Energy Drink for Focus & Power, is 100% Plant Based, with guayusa for long lasting energy.


Deserving a standout instore spot

Nightwatch is completely of this time, making it the choice of a new conscious generation. The vegan and organic labels are clearly stated on the packaging. So for retailers, here’s the chance to profit with a standout in-store position. Curious? The effect of Nightwatch in your range starts here.



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