Tokyo welcomes five new sports

Tokyo welcomes five new sports

The last five years hundreds of athletes worldwide have been preparing intensively for the one and only global sports event: the Olympic Games. The phrase citius, altius, fortius will also be the benchmark in Tokyo. For the athletes themselves, but especially for themselves: how much 'faster, higher and stronger' can they achieve compared to their own body? Nightwatch, the energy drink for extreme focus and power, is eagerly looking forward to them. Especially to the five newcomers. Bring them on!



It took a while, but Skateboarders are now really going to show their skills under the Olympic flag. Many skaters preferred to see their sport as part of X-Games, the extreme cousin of the Olympics. Many top skateboarders come from North and South America, but keep an eye on those Dutch! Especially if they bring Nightwatch with them: the plant-based energy drink for focus and power.



Karate means 'empty handed', loosely translated: 'without weapons'. The originally Asian defence sport is played on the games as a competitive sport in the kumite style. The emphasis is on sparring and not on full contact. One moment of inattention can cost you the game, so focus is vital. Before the match, perhaps first one Nightwatch in the empty hand?



Windsurfing was already Olympic, right? Yes, but this is about the immensely popular wave surfing. We are very much looking forward to how this will be organized, because you do not get a wave ‘on order’. That’s why they scheduled four extra days for the event, near the beaches of Ichinomiya.  Surfers live with respect for the elements, so the 100% organic Nightwatch is the energizer that gives them sustainable power.


Sport climbing

Speaking of endurance, climbing is the sport of total symbiosis of strength, technique and endurance. You probably know the wall with coloured belay points, through which the sport climbers want to reach the top the fastest. The medal race is mainly going on between Russia, Ukraine and China. That is so close that they could use some extra power from South America. This is the continent where Nightwatch gets its organic ingredient 'the guayusa plant' from. Unlike many other energy drinks with artificial substances, Nightwatch does not contain substances that are on the doping list. So, does that come in handy!



After a 12-year absence, baseball returns to the Olympic scene. The IOC had scrapped it for a while because it wasn't universal enough. Apparently this ‘factor’ has been achieved and these requirements have been met to a sufficient extent to get the sport back on the program. Although it sometimes seems like a game, the alternation of focus and sprint means that it demands a lot from your body and mind. And such a pot can also last a long time. Nightwatch would be a great base for these athletes. The xanthines in Nightwatch ensure that the natural caffeine is released slowly, giving it long-lasting energy.

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