Veganuary: the new popular January challenge

Veganuary: the new popular January challenge

You might ask: next to dry January and all the other 'anuaries', anóther challenge that people take on during the first month of the year?! Yes. In the rising popularity of vegan food, this challenge is also a good start for many to see what it means to live vegan. Veganuary -pronounced 'vee-january', means that you can only eat Plant Based for a month.


What is veganism again?

A quick fresh up: what exactly is veganism? Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals. Whether for food, clothing or any other purpose. In short, this is the description according to the dutch society of veganism. In daily life it means Vegans don’t use animal products or services. For some it means to live that way as far as practically possible. Others always carefully consider how best to avoid the use of any animal, in every situation. The ultimate goal for the true vegans is to live in a vegan world. A world in which less animals are being harmed for food, less rainforests are being chopped and people live together more healthy and sustainable.


The Vegan Challenge: sign of the times!

Worldwide hundreds of thousands of people participate and the Dutch Society for Veganisms even initiated the ‘Vegan Challenge’. A good starting point for many people who really want to try another food pattern as the start of a new year. By running a challenge the society offers support, tips and recipes for anyone who joins in. And if you think: hey, january is almost finished, the programme is ready to be started online any day of the year you want! Last year more than 50.000 Dutchies joined in and this amount is rising.


Nightwatch: feel energized the vegan way.

Energydrinks may not be the first products you think of when to comes to veganism. You are right when you think of the first generaton brands. 100% plant based Nightwatch is the new generation’s energydrink. The natural cafeïne in Nightwatch is substracted from the guayusa-plant: a powerful plant that’s being used by amazonian tribesmen for ages, to stay alert and focused during hunting and protecting the village. Moreover Nightwatch, only contains the naturally occurring sugars from organic fruit. The sugar content is therefore very low: only 4.2 grams of sugars per 100 ml. Vegan, organic, no added sugars and very powerful: all together, Nightwatch is the choice of a new conscious generation. The energy drink that fits perfectly with any Vegan challenge or lifestyle indeed!

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