Want no more ‘light’ nor sugar? Choose Nightwatch!

Want no more ‘light’ nor sugar? Choose Nightwatch!

It seems so refreshing and can't hurt, right? Most people who drink diet soda do so because they don't want to drink sugar (calories). There are 103 kilocalories in a glass of Coke, in Diet/Zero Coke there are zero calories, but also zero nutrients. And according to Michael Moss, it has it's nasty sides.


New book 'Hooked'

American food writer Michael Moss goes even further in his new book Hooked. “It's an addiction.” According to the definition of a CEO of tobacco company Philip Morris, that is: "Repetitive behavior that some people can't stop."


Moss: The 'sweet' signal, urges you to eat.

Moss indicates that light and diet are simply 'sweet' for our brains. And that causes the release of dopamine, the hormone that not only makes us feel good, but also encourages us to eat or drink.


Nightwatch: 100% plant-based and sugar-free

Nightwatch is the choice of a new conscious generation. Its main ingredient is guayusa plant. This not only gives you extreme focus and power, it also releases xanthines that release their energy slowly over time. This natural blend of molecules prevents you from experiencing a sugar rush and the unavoidable energy dip associated with artificial energy. So no artificial stuff, no sugar, just some pearls of mother nature to provide you with extreme positive power.


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