Why we do not use stevia to sweeten

Why we do not use stevia to sweeten

We do not use stevia in Nightwatch because it is not allowed. What people call “stevia" is actually the refined isolated and concentrated chemical E960. Steviolglycosides have chemically been stripped of everything that’s good for us. Minerals and other naturally beneficial compounds have been removed to get a highly concentrated product. Stevia leaf is natural, white crystalline stevia powder or concentrated stevia syrup is certainly not natural. 


The guayusa leaf is “only” some 35 times sweeter than sugar and contains all the minerals and compounds the body needs to process stevia. Heavily processed and chemically refined Stevia E960 is 300 times sweeter than sugar and has been stripped of anything natural by industry. We should choose for green stevia powder but this is not legally available. 


Our brains need a blood sugar level of about 5 grams per 100ml to function. Any beverage or food with a sugar content lower than 5 grams per 100 ml could actually help you get rid of your sugar addiction. A product that contains say “40 % less sugar” but is boosted to the same experience of extreme sweetness by adding refined stevia will keep you in the same place: addicted to extreme sweetness.


Nightwatch has chosen to not add anything artificial, no e-numbers, no synthetics and presently we choose to contain less than 5 grams of low glycemic index plant sugars per 100 ml. Currently, Nightwatch contains only 4,2 grams per 100 ml.

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